About Our Company
The Hive was created out of necessity back in the beginning of November 2020! If you're reading this right now, we are super stoked that you want to part of the family - our colony if you will - and we promise to always keep your experience happy and to help give you the tools to be a successful agent! Selling insurance is hard enough as it is, so why make your job more difficult by using dial systems that are built for telemarketers or have a pricing structure that actually ends up costing you more money with the more business you have.
The Hive all started at the beginning of the pandemic (I'm sure that is now a lot of peoples beginning line to their story now!) I was pretty promptly laid off from my job along with countless other people. My wife, Amanda, was lucky enough to keep hers, but we had a 3-month-old baby at the time and with everything going on in the world, we decided we needed a change of pace for our little family. We soon packed up our home in the Florida Keys and headed to North Texas where we got a new start on our lives. Amanda wanted to switch it up and decided to try her hand at a sales job in the insurance business where she could work from home and spend more time with our daughter. After getting hired and getting all her exams and Insurance Appointments out of the way she started on every sales persons favorite task... making calls and setting appointments.
Much to our surprise most companies, in the Life and Health world at least, didn't have a specific way to handle leads, calls, appointment settings or anything of that nature. In hindsight, it makes sense as everyone is working on their own, but what surprised us the most was that most people were calling their leads like it was still the mid nineties and had their leads printed on paper with handwritten notes.
After what was literally 15 minutes, Amanda was calling me into her workspace saying, "I cannot do it like this, you HAVE to make me something to organize my leads". And that was the beginning of The Hive. We started out as a simple web page that was made only for her so she could easily sort, keep notes, and search for specific people, but after using it for a few weeks, her teammates started asking about it and wondering if they were able to use it. It was then made publically available for her small group of 5 or so co-workers.
In the beginning it was bootstrapped together with a dialing link to Google Voice and once people started calling in their browser and keeping their work off their personal phone, we started to notice a need. Slowly, over time, we have added on and continued to build a better application. What seemed like an obvious concept, turned out to be something that is missing from one of the largest industries out there. We obviously aren't the first, and are among a very competitive market. What we noticed was there is a large gap between products offered out there between small basic dialing platforms and large ones that are built to serve full call centers. We like to think we cozied into the "mama bear" area of the online phone market. We give you the tech, features, and the convenience you need with all the tools you could want without having the features you will never use, but pay for.