Lead Management
This is one of the more overlooked aspects of running a business. Everyone knows its important to keep organized, but why don't a lot of people do it? Well, thats because it is HARD! It's easy to fall into the slippery slope of complacency. We've all been there, "I'll just wash these dishes later", and then the next thing you know, the sink stacks up.
It's no different with leads! Everyone has the best intentions on filing/sorting/color coding/statusing the one thing that makes them money. The next thing you know, you have a big ol mess on your desk with out any will to clean it up.
If you are still printing out leads, you are already way behind the rest of your industry. We haven't owned a printer for 10 years and that includes going to school. Unless you're sending junk mail, you should really digitize your business
Lead Management
Organize by
Lead Type
Color Coding Leads By Type
Keep Track By
Know who's calling
Last Contacted
Amount of Calls
Amount of Texts
Unlimited Calls To U.S.
Get a local number in most area codes*
Voicemail Box
Voicemail drops
Email alerts for calls and voicemails
Listen to podcasts while dialing
Unlimited Texting to U.S. Numbers
Two way text messages
Email alerts for all messages
Automated Text Message appointment setting**
Gmail Intergration
Automatic email reminders for set appointments
Email Templates
Add Hive Users as Friends
Easily Share Leads
Give Shared Leads Expiration Dates
View Friends Activity
Awesome Referral Program***
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