Recruiting Manager
Are you tired of sifting through home-made spreadsheets and manually texting and emailing your leads? Welcome to the next generation of insurance recruiting and let The Hive take care of all the repetitive tasks! Organize and automatically email and text message your recruiting leads while being able to track them through your hiring process.
The days of creating your own "frankenstien" system and sending things through countless applications just to accomplish all the processes are over. Simplify your recruiting process and only worry about giving your leads a call if they dont respond to your automations!
If you are still linking applications together to help your recruiting, you are already way behind the rest of your colleagues.
Recruiting Manager
Job Board Integrations
Monster Jobs
Leads Automatically Sent To System
View Resumes in The Application
Manage Jobs in The Application
Organize by
Job Boards
Custom Lead Type
After They Apply
Automated "Thanks For Applying" emails/texts
Automated Email and Text Message Campaigns
Calendly Integrations
Automatic Emails and Texts When Statusing
Keep Track By
Know who's calling
Last Contacted
Amount of Calls
Amount of Texts
Amount of Emails
Unlimited Calls To U.S.
Get a local number in most area codes*
Voicemail Box
Voicemail drops (not ringless - thats for scammers)
Email alerts for calls and voicemails
Dial Sessions (up to 3 calls per lead)
Unlimited Texting to U.S. Numbers
Two way text messages (Lame we have to mention this)
Email alerts for all messages
Automated Text Message Campaigns
Gmail Intergration
Automatic emails sent when statusing
Email Templates