Lead and Client Organization
We know from experience that when you're running your business it's hard to stay organized. That's where we come in. Filter, sort and file your leads anyway you can think of (no really, you can). Status and categorize your leads, filter by amount of calls, when you last called, time in your system, and many other ways so you always know who you need to call and so you can work your leads properly - not just call once or twice and never think about them again.
Know who's calling
This seems like common sense but almost all of our users tell us this is one of their favorite conveniences. When you're calling leads from cell phone or from a dialing service that doesn't allow incoming calls, you're faced with the problem of who is actually calling you back. Shuffling through papers, asking clients 'How they spell their last name again' comes off as unprofessional and is a stressful few minutes before you figure it out. Not anymore. When you get calls back it shows their name and a quick link to their lead and notes. Not at your computer anymore? You'll get an email saying who called you as well as the recording of a voicemail if they left one.
Separate work from home
Another thing people struggle with when they own their own business is not being able to stop working. There is nothing worse than when you're on a trip or trying to enjoy family time and you keep seeing calls and text messages coming in. Even if you don't respond, we all know seeing it will get your mind turning and the temptation can sometimes be too much. We've all gotten that eye roll from our significant other. Keep your business where it belongs... at your computer. With The Hive you can have a literal unlimited amount of numbers and use them as a business line and let your cell phone be your cell phone.